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About Us

Cortada School was built in 1963. Currently, there are 20 classrooms used as self-contained K-6 classrooms, three of which are utilized for extended kindergarten and one as a transitional kindergarten classroom. Five additional rooms are designated for the library, computer labs, and specialized academic instruction (SAI) and speech and language classrooms.
The after-school program ASPIRE (Project Learn), parents, the outreach consultants and counselors have access to rooms for their programs. The school office, principal’s office, staff lounge, multipurpose room (cafeteria), kitchen, nurse’s office, workroom and supply room are in the main building.

Internet access is available in all classrooms, with additional data drops for increased accessibility. Every classroom has multiple computers. We have two computer labs; each lab houses 32 desktop computers. The two computer labs and the library have easy access between the three classrooms, since the walls were opened up for this purpose. We have a digital marquee that allows us to communicate with our parents and community about school events and reminders.

Flat-screen televisions are available in each classroom to support learning in every classroom, along with laptops, document cameras and video-projection systems. The multipurpose room has a built-in sound system. Classrooms for grades 2-6 have Chromebook carts and a Chromebook for each student. Grades TK-2 have a workstation of five desktop computers and grades K-1 have a workstation of five iPads.

The school library is staffed by a classified employee and is open during school hours. There are approximately 16,000 books in the school library collection, including reference books. An automated library catalog and circulation system is available in the school library. Library services include reference assistance to students and teachers, access to video, and DVD collections and internet access.