Message from the Principal:
It is a tremendous privilege to welcome you to Cortada, where staff and parents work together to help all children achieve academic success in an environment that engages all students. Our educational program focuses on providing a challenging curriculum. We are proud of the many successes that take place each and every day at our school. We have many students who are recognized with deserving honors and awards. Our new school motto is "Learners Today, Leaders Tomorrow".

Our Mission is to inspire Cortada students to set and reach goals that will guide them in their life journey. Every child will be given the skills and tools necessary to make choices that will lead to successful and fulfilling lives.

Our Vision is to create an engaged, energized, welcoming and safe environment. We also strive to make purposeful use of time throughout the school day. We will ensure quality teaching in every classroom and every day. The staff will engage in professional collaboration and articulation. Communication will be ongoing and involve goal setting among the staff and with both students and parents.

Family support is an essential part of the educational process. We respect and encourage partnerships between home and school. We believe it must involve the sustained mutual collaboration and participation of school personnel and families in activities both at home and school to positively affect the success of children's learning and progress in school.


Cortada College Creed

College Bound

I am college bound.

I am intelligent and focused on my future.

I am college bound.

I will empower myself with knowledge.

I am college bound.

I am determined, strong, and filled with desire to see myself succeed.

I am college bound.

I am a Colt!



School News

Events Calendar

Thu Apr 27 @12:00PM -
TK & K Dismissal
Thu Apr 27 @ 1:15PM -
Fruit Bar After School Sale
Thu Apr 27 @ 1:15PM -
1-3 gr. Dismissal
Thu Apr 27 @ 1:30PM -
4-6 gr. Dismissal
Fri Apr 28 @12:00AM
Reading Count Closes
Fri Apr 28 @12:00AM
Twin Day
Fri Apr 28 @12:00AM
•Spirt Day (Wear Cortada t-shirt, ASPIRE t-shirt or College t-shirt with uniform bottom)
Thu May 04 @12:00PM -
TK & K Dismissal
Thu May 04 @ 1:15PM -
Fruit Bar After School Sale
Thu May 04 @ 1:15PM -
1-3 gr. Dismissal

Promise Foundation Scholar Savers




Learners Today, 
Leaders Tomorrow